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ROSA offers a simple, modular, and highly scalable design with unique features like innovative composite booms, an integrated modular photovoltaic blanket assembly, and Mega-ROSA.

Space Sensor – Ultrawideband (UWB) Deployable Antenna

The Redwire Company’s UWB Deployable Antenna offers unprecedented compaction / deployment ratios given the bandwidths it delivers.

The antenna offers gain and impedance bandwidth of 15:1 or more. The configuration shown here operates from VHF through L-band, though frequency customization is available. The broad band / broad beam performance and superior compaction ratio is an excellent choice for smallsat space sensor missions.

Veritrek Thermal Analysis Software

Veritrek’s statistical approach to thermal analysis enables users to quickly evaluate thermal design sensitivities, rapidly identify design risks, and find engineering solutions. Leveraging the power of reduced-order models, the Veritrek software provides access to thousands of simulation results in seconds. This enables a maximized understanding of a thermal design and enables previously infeasible analyses types such as sensitivity studies, design optimization studies, trade studies, model correlation efforts, and much more.

FALCCON High Gain Broadband Space Antenna

FALCCON is Redwire Space’s Frequency Agile L-Band COmmunications Node, and is offered as a standard product for high-gain, tactical communications needs.

The FALCCON portfolio includes a high-gain (21dBic) and intermediate gain (18.5 dBic) option, for use with L-band radios such as MIDS Link-16. The antenna delivers equal power flux across a wide (24%+) spectrum by perfectly balancing antenna boresight gain with path loss over the frequency band.

HiPASS: High-Power Rigid Array Solution for SmallSats

The Redwire Space HiPASS solar array is a high power rigid solar array solution for smallsat applications.

The HiPASS solution powers missions with a tailored solar array system that supports ESPA class electric propulsion missions. The HiPASS solar array uses metallic tape spring hinges to fabricate a robust solution that is extremely forgiving to system level tolerance stack-up risks. The SADA-compatible HiPASS is engineered with low-cost graphite panels that are designed to minimize manufacturing risk and complexity.

Thermal Testing

Redwire’s Engineering Solutions group has over a decade of experience performing various thermal tests for internal and external technologies. Thermal testing services include test planning or flight integration, design, assembly, conducting the test, and reporting.

Thermal Analysis and Testing

Redwire has decades of thermal analysis experience in demanding space applications. The Redwire team uses the best software tools in the industry, including Thermal Desktop, STAR-CCM+, and Redwire’s own Veritrek reduced-order thermal modeling software. From component to bus-level spacecraft modeling to electronics simulation, Redwire has the know-how to successfully provide services for a broad range of applications and customers.

Space Commercialization

Redwire’s Ceramics Manufacturing Module (CMM) uses a technique called additive stereolithography (SLA} to cure ceramic resin into solid ceramic parts. The process uses a light source to cure resin in very thin layers. Each new layer adheres to the previous one, stacking up to form a complete ceramic part. Ceramics manufacturing offers a unique capability to our in-space partners, one that can produce hardware with high thermal resistance. Furthermore, it also offers capability to our commercial partners here on Earth.