Add A Flysheet to a Product Page on the Redwire Website

This workflow outlines the steps required to add or edit a flysheet link on a Redwire product page.

Before You Begin

  1. Name the flysheet according to proper naming standards.
    Follow the link below for rules governing correct file naming:

    Web Image and Document File Naming Standards →
  2. Add the Flysheet to the Public Media Library.
    Follow the link below for the steps necessary to add the flysheet to the public media library on the brand portal so it’s available for public distribution:
    Adding Flysheets to the Public Media Library →
  3. It is best to have your browser extended to full screen to accommodate Elementor’s sidebars when in the visual editor.


  1. Log in to the Brand Portal WordPress Admin ↗
  2. Log in to the Redwire WordPress Admin ↗
  3. Open the Redwire Product Page ↗
  4. In the Brand Portal WordPress Admin, navigate to Admin Menu > WP Portfolio > All Portfolio Items.

  5. In the list of portfolio items, find the fly sheet that needs to be added to its respective product page on the Redwire site, and click its name to go to the edit screen.
  6. On the fly sheet’s edit screen, look for the “Portfolio Image or PDF” field in the Portfolio Settings box, and click the image next to it to open the media manager modal window.

  7. The fly sheet PDF should be preselected, but if not, locate it in the media grid. Locate the File URL field in the right sidebar of the media manager window. This is the link we want to add to the product page. Click the “Copy URL to clipboard” button.

  8. Close the media manager window by clicking the “X” in the upper right corner.
  9. Now switch over to the Redwire Product Page browser tab or window you opened in Step 3. The WordPress admin bar should appear at the top of the browser window if you logged in to it in Step 2.
  10. Find the product you need to add the fly sheet to in the product list, and navigate to its product page.
  11. Once on the product page, look for the “Edit with Elementor” link in the WordPress admin bar and click the main “Edit with Elementor” link to open the Elementor Visual Editor screen. Disregard the other editable template parts in the dropdown since we want to edit the full page.
  12. In the Elementor visual editor, you’ll see the Elementor Widgets/Admin Panel on the left and the Navigator Panel on the right. If the navigator sidebar doesn’t appear automatically, you can click the navigator icon at the bottom of the admin panel to display it, then drag it to the right side of the browser to dock it in place.
    • Note: Elementor can be a little quirky and temperamental. When working with it, it’s best to be patient and purposeful when doing things like selecting elements in the visual editor. The following diagram and brief video clip will provide a brief overview of the Elementor interface:
Play Video
Now that you have a basic understanding of Elementor, the following video will walk you through the process of adding/updating the fly sheet using Elementor.
Play Video
Done! Make sure you check your work on the font end!